Candido200 Colour Film

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Introducing CANDIDO200 Color Film 36 Shots


Unleash your creativity and infuse your photography with vibrant and vivid colors using Candido200 Color Film. Crafted for passionate photography enthusiasts like you, this versatile film is the perfect companion to capture stunning images across a wide range of lighting conditions, making it ideal for all your daytime shooting adventures. Say goodbye to dull and lifeless photos and embrace the magic of this film as it elevates your shots with exceptional contrast and fine detailing.

Designed to be your trusted ally, Candido200 Color Film beautifully handles bright sunsets, early sunrises, and vibrant ocean landscapes, allowing you to preserve your jaw-dropping memories in all their glory. Whether you're exploring new places or cherishing the joy of unforgettable moments, this film ensures every frame becomes a cherished keepsake for a lifetime.

Our 200 ISO photography film strikes the perfect balance between fine grain and intense colors, making it an excellent choice for a diverse range of photography styles. From breathtaking landscapes to captivating portraits and dynamic street photography, this film empowers you to create art that truly impresses.

Embrace the trend that's taking the world by storm – film photography. With Candido's color film, you can elevate your social media profiles, exuding an authentic and charming aura that will leave your audience in awe. Immerse yourself in the summery vibes as your images come alive with vivid hues and an enchanting nostalgic touch.

This film is more than just an accessory; it's a game-changer for your photography journey. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or just starting, our accessible film ensures that everyone can capture moments they'll cherish forever. Discover the joy of creating your own visual stories and savor each click with the unmatched quality of Candido color film.


    • ISO 200
    • 36 Exposures
    • C-41 Process
    • DX Coded
    • Steel Canister
    • UPC on Box

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    Candido200 Colour Film

    Candido200 Colour Film


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 68 reviews
    Tomasz Gugała
    Great and affordable film

    Really enjoyed shooting this film. Love the colours - they are little bit different than the other popular film stocks. There’s something unique and nostalgic about those greens… Huge recommendation for everyone, fingers crossed for the success of the Candido company 💪

    alberto soriano

    The colors, the grain… this film is perfect for an everyday film photographer that wants a more creative and stylish film :)

    Wade Scanlan

    Love how dreamy the pictures came out that I took. The soft halation adds a magical touch to photos.

    Finn W
    Brilliant Colours

    I shot this film with a range of diffferent lighting and loved the colours that came out of it will definitely be picking more of this up as it is so affordable aswell... brilliant film

    Perfect for summer

    Mg favorite film for summer